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Showing off pearly whites can do a lot for our self-esteem, and that’s why a lot of people have sought out cosmetic dentistry within the last few years. Whether we’re preparing to walk the red carpet or attend a job interview, having a healthy, uniform smile can help us feel confident and leave a lasting impression.

With that said, receiving porcelain veneers near you is a wonderful solution to help you achieve this. Our dental clinic provides this treatment; send us a message today to learn more!

Porcelain Veneers in Detail

What problems can veneers fix?

If your teeth are uneven, chipped, crooked or misshapen, discolored, or severely worn down, you should certainly consider acquiring veneers. All dentists have treated these problems since they are very common; you’ll be well-taken care of when you come in.

What are dental veneers? 

We’re so glad you asked! Dental veneers are small coverings made from tooth-colored material. They’re able to cover up multiple minor dental issues.

Why is porcelain used?

Even though devices made from both ceramic and porcelain can easily blend in with your other teeth, porcelain is usually the material of choice because it is far more resistant to stains, and it is more durable.

Can anyone get porcelain veneers in Edmonton?

Before undergoing any form of dental treatment, you’ll need to meet with your dentist first. During such a session, they’ll assess your mouth and discuss your oral health history and preferences with you. Before you go, they will be able to identify whether you’re a suitable candidate for veneers.

Some common requirements to receive veneers include having strong enamel, no decay, no indications of gum disease, and good overall hygiene.

What are some of the benefits of receiving porcelain veneers?

Some of the primary advantages of this treatment are:

  • It looks natural! No one will be able to tell you’ve received treatment.
  • Veneers last! If you practice good habits, they can last up to 10 years, maybe more.
  • They’re designed to fit your oral dimensions.
  • Veneers can address multiple issues.
  • Restoring the strength of your overall smile.


We offer convenient and effective treatment for porcelain veneers near you. Our staff is eager to meet you, and work alongside you to get your smile back to normal.

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