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No one wants to deal with the headaches that can come with missing teeth. Fortunately, there are many treatments available to you that will help repair your smile and get you back to your usual self. Receiving dentures is one particularly great way to do this.

Our community dental practice provides dentures near you. If you have questions at all, don’t be shy! Our team is here to assist you however you need.

What Kind of Dentures Are There?

There are 3 main types of dentures available to you:

Complete dentures – The purpose of this device is to replace your entire smile.

Partial dentures – As the name suggests, these dentures restore specific sections in your mouth that are missing teeth.

Depending on your preferences, oral health needs, and what your dentist recommends, complete and partial dentures can be either removable or they can be fixed in your mouth.

Implant dentures – Dental implant screws are placed into your jawbone and used as an anchor to keep your dentures in place. These dentures are permanently installed in your mouth.

Be sure to talk to your dentist before settling on any method of treatment. They’ll advise you to come in for a consultation so they can properly examine your oral cavity and take x-rays to see how things are looking below the surface of your gums. If necessary, they may refer you to a denturist, a dental professional who specializes in denture construction and placement.

Acquiring Your Dentures

After your consultation, your dentist will clean your mouth so no bacteria or food debris interferes with the impressions. When the molds have been taken, they’re sent off to the dental lab.

All dentures are made from acrylic and resin; the acrylic forms the gum base and the resin is for your artificial teeth. Approximately 2- 3 weeks later, they’ll be ready for you to come and pick up.

It will take a bit of time for your mouth to adjust to wearing your dentures. Be gentle when handling them and eat soft foods for the first few days.

We Provide Dentures Near You!

At Holyrood Dental, we offer dentures in Edmonton to all our patients who are looking to restore the functionality of their smiles. Give our staff a call or shoot us an email today; we’ll help you book an appointment that works for you.

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