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Acquiring dental implants is a very straightforward, surgical process that, once it’s completed, will significantly restore your smile in multiple ways. Implants are custom-made prosthetics that stimulate healthy bone activity while providing support to your teeth.

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The Purpose of Dental Implants

Your dentist can advise receiving dental implants if you’re dealing with any of the following issues:

  • You cannot or won’t get dentures.
  • Issues with speaking, such as pronouncing particular words.
  • Missing teeth.
  • Having trouble eating.
  • Facial sagging.
  • Unnecessary pressure on your teeth.

It’s important to remember that you’ll need to attend a consultation with your dentist or oral surgeon before getting implants. They will need to assess your oral cavity and take x-rays to fully understand how healthy your gums and bones are. If you smoke or are suffering from bone deterioration, you may not be a suitable candidate for this process.

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Prepping for Dental Implant Surgery

Step 1: Preparing your smile.

Once you’ve indeed been given the go-ahead, your dentist will clear any debris from your mouth and administer anesthesia, so you won’t have to worry about feeling any pain. Be sure to let your dental team know if you require further care.

Step 2: Placing the screw and the abutment.

An incision is made into your gum tissue to access your jawbone. Next, the implant screw and abutment, both made from titanium since it is biocompatible, are placed using a dental drill.

The screw itself will function as your replacement tooth root, while the abutment attaches the screw to the prosthetic.

Prepping for Dental Implant Surgery

Step 3: Healing.

You will need a few weeks to a couple of months for your mouth to heal, and so your screw can fully fuse with your bone.

Step 4: Placing the prosthetic.

Eventually, you’ll come back and have the prosthetic placed atop the abutment. Usually, a dental crown is used. It can be designed out of the material of your choosing. Options include gold, silver, and porcelain.

Your dentist will ensure that everything is correct before you go. If there’s some bleeding or swelling after the procedure, that’s normal.

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