A Few Recovery Suggestions After a Tooth Extraction

A Few Recovery Suggestions After A Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions are a common procedure in dentistry that needs to be performed to relieve pain, prevent infection, or make room for additional dental treatments. While the process of extracting a tooth may appear difficult, the recovery phase is equally important. Post-operative care can significantly speed up healing and reduce discomfort. 

Dental Extractions: Looking Closer

dentist in Ottewell or an oral surgeon can remove a tooth from its socket in the jawbone during a tooth extraction procedure. This is done for a variety of reasons, including severe decay, crowding, or impacted wisdom teeth. The procedure consists of numbing the area, making an incision, loosening the tooth, and extracting it. The patient may feel some swelling and discomfort following the extraction, but with careful care, the area usually heals in a few weeks.

Noted below are some excellent tips that can aid you during recovery following your visit: 

  1. Follow Your Dentist’s Instructions
  1. Manage Pain and Swelling
  1. Be Mindful of Your Diet
  1. Practice Proper Oral Hygiene
  1. Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol
  1. Rest and Relaxation

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